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Flora While - updated 2


Vicki & Sarah

We are Vicki and Sarah, Cumbrian born, lifelong friends that are embarking on a new adventure in business together. 

We both have busy lives and over the past few years have learnt that slowing down, spending a few minutes outside planting a few bulbs is really good for our minds as well as being a bit of fun that gives us the reward of beautiful flower displays further down the line.

Flora While (21).jpeg

Sarah says of Vicki:

‘Vicki is half of the dream team that makes up Flora While!  She is a passionate gardener who after dabbling with veggies on an allotment and having a back yard full of pots grew her knowledge into designing her own garden from scratch – this means she developed a great understanding for plants and flowers and how they work together in a pot or a bed. 


She’s also regularly found sat outside with a cup of tea watching the bees and butterflies fliting from one flower to another and so is adamant we can create a wildlife corridor across the doorsteps of Britain.  When you put this together with Vicki’s background in planning and management in the NHS you can be sure that she’ll make sure Flora While brings you collections that will work, at the time they need planting and with all the info you need.’ 

Vicki says of Sarah:

Sarah has a completely different set of experiences and skills to me which is which is what helps make Flora While so unique!  Her background is in art and education which means she knows how to make sure you get all the information you need to turn your collection from a bag of bulbs that any garden centre could sell you to a fantastic display on your doorstep or in your patio pots.  


Her passion for colour and style means she knows what works (and what doesn’t!) and will make sure what Flora While brings you looks good inside the box as well as in the pot!  


Sarah’s experiences living around the world mean she has seen the impact of climate change on lots of different places and now she is back in the UK she wants to make sure we do everything we can to help out the planet – which is why we are making sure all our packaging is recyclable or reusable and we always on the lookout for how we can improve this.’

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